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At Village Patrol Inc, our goal is to help our clients maintain a safe and professional environment for their properties or communities. To do so, we employ a team of security professionals who understand their roles and responsibilities.

Our clients typically include building owners, property managers, and homeowners’ associations. Enhance your security plans and keep your employees and assets safe by working with us today.

What We Offer

On-Site Security

Our on-site courtesy officers will patrol 24/7. To make sure that they can do their rounds efficiently and effectively, our courtesy officers are equipped with top of the line equipment as per requirements by our clients to efficiently and effectively perform their duties. They also deliver incident reports through our online reporting technology. 

Our courtesy officers are professionals & courteous. Our courtesy officers strive to provide for the safety of your residents and their items by preventing unauthorized access to facilities and the conversion, tasking, or intentional destruction of physical assets. 

We offer a flat hourly rate at competitive marketing pricing. Part of the technology our courtesy officers use is our "Guard Tour Systems," which give you and us the ability to track and monitor our courtesy officers patrol check points.


On-Site Courtesy Officers 

Our courtesy officers will go on scheduled patrol checks set by you, the client. The client can establish all locations and times at the checkpoints. This is what sets us apart from everybody else.

Why Choose Us

The presence of well-trained  courtesy officers  is a critical factor in preventing loss and keeping unauthorized people off your property. In addition, our  courtesy officers play a significant role in helping safeguard employees, tenants, and property owned by the client. Let our professional team members serve you today.

Work With Us

Based in Southern California, Village Patrol Inc serves clients in Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside, and San Bernardino. Contact us if you would like to learn more.